The 7 Internet Marketing Mistakes Newbies Should Avoid

The 7 Internet Marketing Mistakes Newbies Should Avoid

According to the so called experts, only 5% of all Internet Marketing Businesses actually make any money at all. can speak from experience, as in the 6 years I have now been online, 3 years were spent
in abject failure, and there were many times when I almost quit.  So, obviously my journey has taught me a thing or two, and I’ve made many mistakes along the way, which means I now know what works and what doesn’t.

I also believe that if I pass this information on to any newbies who are just beginning their Internet Marketing journey, I can cut short the learning curve by a couple of years and also help more people to succeed with their efforts to make money online.

So here goes……..

The 7 Internet Marketing Mistakes Newbies Should Avoid

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Point No 1. Lack of Focus.

With all the information out there, particularly regarding traffic generation techniques, and the different business models, its all too easy to lose focus, get sidetracked and try to learn everything at once.

My advice is to decide on the Internet marketing business model (Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing,etc) that suits you, learn everything about it, get good at it,  so you’re making some money, before you move onto another one.

The same should be said about traffic generation.  There are many techniques out there, from free methods (Social Media, blogging etc) to paid methods (PPC, Ezine adverts, Media buys, etc) but you can’t possibly learn all of them overnight.

So again my advice is to pick one, dependent on your budget, become good at it, (you DON’T need to become an expert) THEN learn another technique.

Point No 2. Information Overload

Although you could argue that this is probably something that possibly shouldn’t really be on this list as a MISTAKE as such, I see this so often that I thought I should include it, as it’s quite obviously connected to Point No 1.

This is probably the most common of all internet marketing mistakes, as you set out to learn as much as possible in as short a time as possible.  There is simply NO NEED to buy all of the eBooks and courses you see.

My simple advice on this point is this:
Find an expert, copy what they’re doing, ( I am not advising plagiarism by the way ),  just copy the methods which are working for others and you’ll begin to see success.

The 7 Internet Marketing Mistakes Newbies Should Avoid

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Point No 3. The Grass is Greener Syndrome

This is also known as “Shiny object Syndrome”.  It’s quite simply the habit of being
distracted by the latest trick or technique being promoted, that promises you overnight
riches at the push of a button.  Most of these push button instant riches type of programs
DO NOT WORK, and should be avoided at all costs.

It’s best to treat your internet marketing business as a REAL business, and remember that it will require, discipline, dedication and hard work to make it succeed.

Point No 4. Taking Advice From the Wrong People.

With all of the so-called internet marketing experts (Gurus) out there, ALL vying for your
attention ( let alone your hard earned cash ), again it’s all too easy to become distracted and think that you need to follow and learn from ALL of them.

My advice here is similar to point No 2, that is, find an expert who’s successful in the
particular market, follow THEM, learn everything you can about them, and from them, UNTIL you feel that you’re ready to move onto the next level.

Point No 5. Social Media

This is one of the biggest internet marketing newbie mistakes that I see.  Many newbies think that all they have to do with Social Media marketing, is set up their Twitter and
Facebook accounts, sit back, and wait for the money to come pouring in.  Most beginners fail to recognize that it’s called “Social Media” for a reason.  That is, it needs lots of
relationship building in order to generate traffic.

Point No 6. Blogging

In my experience Blogging is a great way to make money online from internet marketing.
However, most beginners do not do it correctly.  The most fundamental part of blogging is
that you MUST do it every day.  So get into the habit of writing a new blog post every
single day, with useful content to your target audience, and you will start to see results.

But you MUST continue otherwise your early efforts will be wasted.  As you get good at this, and begin to make some money, it will be quite easy for you to outsource this technique so you can learn a new method and grow your business.  I would say writing regular blogs is crucial to your success.

So why write a blog post everyday?

It’s very simple, it’s a great way to get FREE traffic, which obviously means you can make
more money, and also it’s a great way to build up your expertise in the eyes of others.

The 7 Internet Marketing Mistakes Newbies Should Avoid

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Finally, Point No 7. Affiliate Programs

If you’re looking to begin your internet marketing business using the affiliate marketing
business model, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of these programs out there.  Make sure you do your due diligence before you begin to promote, as not all are the same, and the commission structure can vary massively.

So do your homework first and base your decisions on the info you have gleaned. Take a look at this earlier blog post for more info on choosing the right affiliate program!

Click on the image below to find out more about the affiliate program I’m using to achieve success online:
If you adhere to the above 7 points on your internet marketing journey, you should avoid
making the same mistakes and you’ll clearly see much better results along the way.

All the best.

“Make every Day an AWESOME Day”

-Jon L

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    What an informative post, thanks! Joe Bloggs

  2. Michael says:

    Hey Jon – great tips. Especially love #4. Just because somebody said you should do something doesn’t mean you have to. It’s your life, your company, and your path. Make your own decisions, but base them on previous knowledge if you can!

    • jleuty says:

      Thanks Michael, I truly appreciate your comments, I hope you gained some value from this post.

      Thanks once again for being here.

  3. Therese says:

    Your statement of treating your internet business as a serious business, really reasonated with me. Otherwise all you have is an electronic brochure.

    • jleuty says:

      Hey Therese,

      Glad you liked this post, It makes it all worthwhile for me when people like you gain some value from my Blog. Thanks for visiting.

      Best Regards

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