The 4 Simple Methods You Can use to Get More From Your Email Marketing

The 4 Simple Methods You Can use to Get More From Your Email Marketing

email marketing

Is email marketing dead?

I don’t think so, in fact what I am about to provide you with are 4 ways YOU can use email to earn more today!….. so read on!

Here are 4 simple and effective ways that you or anybody can use email today!, to do more, to sell more and to keep more of your customers and subscribers happy.

Try to use all of them NOW!

1.Follow Up.

Never forget that your customers and subscribers love to know that you actually care about them and appreciate their  business, whether it’s just a simple ‘thank you’ or a 100 message follow up series.

To really supercharge up this idea, you can create (or have created for you) a simple follow up email sequence using  your favorite autoresponder, then within the scheduled follow-up messages you can offer your customer more opportunities to purchase your products (or affiliate products) and services. You can provide more helpful tips and advice on using
the product they may have already bought from you. Basically, be as helpful as much as you possibly can.

A quick tip here though, having said the above try to keep your messages short and generally you will find that they will always be welcome.

2.Customer Learning and Education.

Some products (if not all) require a learning process of some sort in order to be fully utilized.  If your products or maybe some of your affiliate products do, then YOU can be the one who provides that education and teaching via email.  By doing this you will enhance your reputation, increase the trust and importantly provide your subscribers with an
ongoing education which will allow you to interact on a more personal level.

But ALWAYS make sure you keep your messages on topic and to the point. You could even separate your follow up series into small bite-size educational messages.

The 4 Simple Methods You Can use to Get More From Your Email Marketing

email marketing

 3.Pre Sales Series.

Sending an email to sell, is the impression that most people have about email marketing. And in fact statistics prove that email marketing DOES work, so there’s nothing wrong with that impression anyway. However even the best websites on average only convert 2% of their visitors into a sale on the first visit, but what happens to the rest.

Well, I’ll tell you:

*They leave.

*They probably never come back.

*They go and buy from someone else.

Now you may be thinking that this is all bad, but, the good news is that it can be avoided quite simply.  All you need to do is have a system in place that will capture their name and email address so you can remind them to return.

Lets face it, they probably didn’t arrive at your Website by accident, they were looking for something and the reason they came to you, is that you probably have what they want. I mean, how often do you buy the first thing you see? probably never, right!  You see you have to understand that in the new economy comparison shopping is what people do, so
getting prospective customers to return to your Website is the real challenge.  So what’s the answer?

A pre-sale series is the answer! and this is actually quite easy to set-up. All you need to do in reality is:

1). Write down the top ten reasons why someone should buy from you.

2). Put each one in a follow up email message.

3). Send one a day until they are all delivered.

Offer the series to everyone who visits your site (there’s a simple method for this aswell) and let time do the selling work for you! (Or we could teach you how to do it).

You see we know through experience that around 60% of your visitors will take your free information if you do a good job of selling the idea.

We have also learnt in our 7 years online that pretty much all websites can sell more if they use email marketing well.  Period!

The 4 Simple Methods You Can use to Get More From Your Email Marketing

email marketing

4.Special Offers, recommendations and Reviews.

You can and should use email marketing methods to deliver insider information on special offers or discounts (people LOVE special offers), limited time pricing, and more. This is just like a discount coupon sheet in your local newspaper, selling advertising in this type of email is an absolute killer.

So how does it work, well it’s quite simple really, YOU do the research and prove the value of products and then report on that to people on your email list. When they buy they buy from YOUR affiliate (more on affiliate marketing here) link everybody wins!

More ideas about how to use email to sell more could include, but are not limited to:

*Announce Special Events.

*Create A Discussion To Research Your Next Product.

*Teach Affiliates How To Sell More FOR You.

*Do A Joint Venture (read about joint ventures here) With Someone Whose Product Compliments Yours.

The 4 Simple Methods You Can use to Get More From Your Email Marketing

Now, there is one inescapable fact in today’s fast moving digital world, and that is email marketing is everywhere and is tremendously effective. But it can be one of those methods that gets overlooked in the rush to find the Next Big Thing.

So don’t fall into that trap, start to USE email marketing in your business today and I can almost guarantee that you will make more money with less effort in the months and years to follow.

All the best

email marketing

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