The ONE Golden Rule

The ONE Golden Rule

Hello – it’s Jon here, and in today’s Blog Post I would like to share a secret with you, well actually it is not really a secret, it simply makes sound business sense that will MULTIPLY your ability to Make Money Online.

Anyway, I shall let a mentor of mine Chris Farrell explain more. Chris has an online newsletter called Success Grenade in which he gives away COUNTLESS tips and techniques to help you succeed on the internet

In this issue of Success Grenade I would like to share with you today, Chris explains all about the ‘One Golden Rule’ of  how to make money online.

There is a Golden rule — that eclipses everything else.

Are you ready?  The Golden rule is made up of 6 little words:

Fall in Love With Your List

You weren’t expecting that – were you?  But I will let Chris explain EXACTLY what he means in the video below. In one of his video courses called How To Make Money Online – Chris shares why this Golden Rule is so important.

This video is 6 minutes long — but these 6 minutes can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you understand and apply what you are about to discover…

Let me ask you a question…

Are you on somebody’s list and you know for a fact that when you receive e-mail from them – they are trying to sell you something.

Of course we all want to make money — but selling in EVERY email — is so dated and simply does not work anymore (it did 10 years ago — but not now).

Caring Is The New Currency

Did you know – it’s generally considered that$1000 extra a month – is enough to make a real difference to someones life.

How would $1000 every month – sound to you?

Let’s reverse engineer this.

$1000/month – is only 27 people buying a $37 product.

27 people – that’s it!

And it’s very easy to add a few hundred people to your list in a month.

Do you think – if you ‘fell in love with your list’ and you treated your
list well – you could convert 27 of them – to paying customers?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! And Chris has taught countless people how to do just this.

But NONE of this will work – if you don’t fall in love with your list first.

This really is exactly what he teaches at Chris Farrell Membership. If you haven’t yet taken a look – why not?!

You can – by clicking here.

OK – that’s all for this blog post, be sure to share this and come back again soon.



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