How and Why You Should Use Solo Ads

How and Why You Should Use Solo Ads

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Whilst we can probably all agree on the one hand that Solo Ads can be extremely profitable when they’re facilitated by a good Solo Ad Network, we know too that VERY few Solo Ad Networks rarely live up to our expectations.

Finding people on these networks is usually pretty easy, but, you don’t know whether you’re dealing with an honest seller, an honest buyer, or just a fly by night operation whose primary motive is just to make a quick buck, and get out of there ASAP.

So, security is probably the number one concern for people who’re dealing with these networks… because let’s face it, any of us who’ve been dealing with them for a long time have most likely been burned once or twice.

Well, with Udimi, this is probably the first time you can feel truly safe when you’re buying or selling clicks online.

Why? Well, there are several reasons, but let me just go over one which solves one of the biggest issues in this industry: click fraud.

Udimi uses the absolute best click fraud detection system in the industry. This is a powerful system which is only used by the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) until now. The system is so powerful, you’ll never even SEE fake or useless clicks at all… they’ll be deleted automatically before they even show up on your screen, and so of course, you’ll never have to pay for them.

If you want to take advantage of Udimi and the most powerful click-fraud detection in the industry now, Sign up is free.

It’s time to get this going!

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All the best

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2 Responses to How and Why You Should Use Solo Ads

  1. Udimi can be a decent platform for people new to solo ads. It can be very profitable once you have a funnel that converts, it’s like building a list for free. I advise my customers to have a front-end/FE offer between $7-27 for best results. Sales are never guaranteed butt having a cheaper offer on the front-end fancies your chances of grabbing a free/near-free solo ad.

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