The Scientific Way To Be Lucky

The Scientific Way To Be Lucky

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Some people seem “lucky.”

They start a home business, for example, and all the dominoes just kind of fall right into place for them. Money pours in. Leads eagerly buy from them. And they become very wealthy very quickly.

Most people just chalk that up to luck.


I know better than that.

You make your own luck.

And it’s not a mystical “voodoo” process, either, it’s actually kind of scientific.

In fact, here is the formula:

“Luck = Preparation + Opportunity”

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Yes, it IS simple.

Yet it’s probably the single most reliable formula for success I’ve ever seen — that works 100% of the time, for anyone who follows it, no exceptions, bar none, period.

It’s ALL about being prepared.

The Scientific Way To Be Lucky

formula for success

We don’t always have much control over events.

But we CAN be prepared for them.

This is also the difference between people who make it big in This Business
— and those who don’t.

People who are prepared to run with it, win.

People who aren’t, lose. Easy as that.

So let me ask you:

Are you prepared?

Are you ready?

Or are you still playing the “poke it with a stick” game — where you’re on the fence about joining , but are perpetually frozen, unable to make a decision?

Only you can answer that.

The Scientific Way To Be Lucky

Fortune smiles on the prepared

If you’re prepared for the THIS opportunity (i.e. ready to take ACTION) then go HERE:

Fortune smiles on the prepared.

And success often happens quickly.

So be ready for people to accuse you of being “lucky.”

“Do it”

“You’re awesome”

“Let’s DO this”

“Make every Day an AWESOME Day”

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