How to Write Engaging Emails – 6 Simple Tips

How to Write Engaging Emails – 6 Simple Tips

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1. Always Add Value:

Your subscribers are busy people, and they won’t always consider your emails a top priority. So to work around this, make sure your emails are worth your readers’ time.

Every email you send should serve the purpose of helping your subscribers in some way, whether you answer common questions they might have about you, your company or your products, (affiliate products included) or simply solve a problem they may have.

2. Remember That Your Subscribers Are Real People:

Too many business owners view their subscribers as cash machines. and it typically shows in the emails they send.

As silly as this might sound to you right now, remember that your subscribers are real people, and they need to know that you actually have their best interests at heart.

And interestingly, if you’re in this mindset before you even begin writing your emails, it becomes a lot easier for YOU to identify the type of content which provides the most value.

3. Ensure Your Emails are Interesting:

As you provide your readers with helpful tips, training and ideas, keep it engaging. Think about the environment your readers might be in when they read your emails.

For example:

*a busy office,
*a busy and loud coffee shop,
*a couch watching TV with the kids and spouse, etc, etc.

So to stand out from all that noise, keep your emails succinct and relevant to their current situation. And feel free to liven it up with some humour, engaging graphics and visuals, to capture and keep them interested.

4. Make Each email Personal:

No matter how many subscribers you have, every email should be written as though you’re sending it to one person at a time, not one thousand.  If you think about writing to one individual every time you write an email, the message will most likely translate to everybody you hope to address anyway!

How to Write Engaging Emails – 6 Simple Tips

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5. Choose HTML and Plain Text Emails Wisely:

Whether you prefer plain text or HTML emails, you need to consider the way you send your emails and how each might convey your message slightly differently to your subscribers.

So while either email type works, many business owners tend to prefer sending plain text messages because they feel that slick HTML emails with fancy graphics etc, can convey a more “salesy” approach.

6. Curate Content You’ve Already Written:

Do you have a tendency to get stuck the moment you start crafting an email?
Chances are, you’ve already written what you’re trying to say somewhere else,
so don’t panic!

You see, many business owners already have the content they need — it just might
be in a Social Media post or even in a previous individual email to a customer.

The important thing to remember here is, as long as it’s something that has proven customer engagement, you should include it again.

If you talked to someone about ways to work through a problem they had with your product, or an affiliate promotion for example, then that would probably make a great email subject!

So that’s it, I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post today on How to Write Engaging Emails, and I hope you found it helpful.  If you feel that others may benefit from the information contained within it, please feel free to share using any of the social media share options below.

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