How Anybody Can Make Money Online By Building a Mailing List

How Anybody Can Make Money Online By Building a Mailing List

How Anybody Can Make Money Online By Building a Mailing List

Building a mailing list was, and is, THE single most important business decision I have ever made to make money online, and now, as a result of making that decision, I now have thousands of subscribers on my mailing lists who can be reached instantly at the touch of a button.

This is true “push button marketing”

As a matter of interest, if anybody ever tells that you that building an online mailing list is hard, after following my simple tips below, you’ll be able tell them that actually it’s easy once you know what you’re doing.

So read on as I reveal to you the simple process that I and thousands of other successful internet marketers use to make money online by building a mailing list:

In a nutshell the process begins with:

a) – Give away something of value to the marketplace you’re in, a video, a PDF , an eBook, in exchange for someone’s name and email.

b) – Build your list by sending targeted traffic to this FREE info you’re giving away on your optin page. (more about optin pages here)

So lets begin your list building adventure by doing the following 4 simple things:

How Anybody Can Make Money Online By Building a Mailing List

How Anybody Can Make Money Online By Building a
Mailing List

1). Choosing a niche.

2). Creating a FREE offer.

3). Set up your email autoresponder account (I recommend Aweber) however,  there are a number of professional services out there,  so my advice is to investigate and go with the one you like.

4).Send targeted visitors to your optin page.

OK, as you now know what the 4 steps of this simple process are, we can begin to examine each step in a bit more detail.

1).Choosing your niche:

To be successful in business, you need to be passionate about what you do, therefore when deciding on the niche you’ll enter into, my advice is to take full advantage of the skills and knowledge you possess already by choosing a niche of which you have some experience or some knowledge of.

For example, if you have had some weight issues,  and experienced how difficult it can be to lose weight and want to help others in a similar situation, you could go into the weight loss niche.

2).Create your FREE Giveaway:

The product or item you giveaway can be anything from a Free report (PDF), a FREE eBook, a FREE email series, newsletter, FREE video training series, a FREE audio.  It really can be anything, as long as you remember that it must be something your market wants, be congruent with any advertising you’re doing (more on that here) and have some perceived value.

You want your visitor to see whatever it is you’re giving away as a fair exchange for their contact details.

3).Set-up your auto-responder Account:

It could easily be argued that your autoresponder is THE most important part of your marketing system.  This is where the majority of your sales will come from, and is the automation part of the process that can truly see you making sales at the push of a button, while you sleep, play, relax or whatever.

Once your autoresponder is set-up properly you really can begin to live the laptop lifestyle. As previously mentioned I highly recommend Aweber for this, and you can begin by watching this video tutorial.

4).Driving Traffic to Your Offer:

The best advice I can give you RIGHT NOW regarding traffic generation is this,  focus on one method, get good at it, then move onto the next, otherwise you risk overwhelm and can end up trying all traffic generation methods without getting good at any of them.

Now, there are many different ways to generate traffic, some are FREE and some are not, But the general rule of thumb is this:

If you need quality targeted traffic quickly, then paid advertising is best. But for consistent long term traffic, free advertising can be great.  But it usually depends on your marketing budget and whether you have time or money to put into your business.  Usually FREE = time and Paid = money: Simple really.

Some of the most simple, popular and reliable methods for generating leads and traffic are:  Social media (Twitter, Facebook etc) YouTube, Fiverr, Clickbank, PPC, CPA, PPV, Solo ads.

You can find out more specific info regarding the different types of lead generation here<==

Take a look out this article in my traffic generation series where I explain…..

The 7 Reasons Why You Must Build Your Mailing List.

All the best


How Anybody Can Make Money Online By Building a Mailing List

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