3 Simple Tips to Help You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

3 Simple Tips to Help You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

3 Simple Tips to Help You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

In order to make money online with affiliate marketing you need to sell something!

Now I know to some of you reading this today, that this sounds blindingly obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people I speak to during my training sessions, who just don’t realize this.

So just what DO you sell as an affiliate marketer?

Well, you can promote and sell digital products, physical products, or both. Digital products include ebooks, short reports (pdf), video training courses and membership sites that can be immediately accessed online, or downloaded on purchase directly by the customer.

You can also promote physical or digital products directly via retailers. For example, many people choose to promote items from Amazon or ebay to receive a commission. There are many retailers that will pay you commissions when you sell their products.

So in today’s blog post I would like to share with you my 3 Simple Tips to Help You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing.

3 Simple Tips to Help You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

3 Simple Tips to Help You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

1. So What Exactly is Online Affiliate Marketing?

In simple terms Affiliate marketing can be defined in the following way:

“A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals”.

So basically, you make money from online affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products or services on the internet.  You find a product you like,  promote it to an audience that is specifically looking for the solution to their problem that this product can provide,  and earn a commission on each sale that you make.

The key to making reliable, repeatable money as an affiliate is to:

a) Only promote products that are in high demand and pay at least 75% commission.

b) Only Use programs that Provide affiliate marketing support in the form of marketing materials.

c) Only use programs that provide excellent customer support (so you don’t have to)

d) Only use programs that have a solid reputation within the industry.

e) Only use programs that pay affiliates on-time every time!

As a quick reference guide the list below fulfills most of the above:

Top Affiliate Marketing Companies

Amazon Associates
CJ Affiliate by Conversant
eBay Partner Network

The above list of affiliate marketing companies and programs are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many networks and businesses that you can use to make money from affiliate marketing, just make sure you do your due diligence.

3 Simple Tips to Help You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

3 Simple Tips to Help You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

2. Deciding what to sell

You can make money from online affiliate marketing in just about every niche imaginable. Look at it this way, digital and physical products have an almost unlimited income potential.  But it’s worth remembering that when you first start out it will take time, despite what you may have heard, it won’t be overnight!

However, if you stick at it and learn the necessary skills, you can make a massive success of it!  But it will probably take time to grow.

As an online affiliate marketer, you’ll have to decide the type of products to promote. There are many options as discussed earlier, best, in my opinion, to promote products that you yourself would purchase and have an interest in.

You can promote high priced items which will pay you large commissions from a smaller sales volume, or of course promote items that pay smaller commissions but can provide lots of sales. To help you make that decision consider your target audience.

If you have built, or are building an email list, then building your relationship with your list will give you the information you need, to enable you to understand their need and wants, which will help you to find the exact products to promote to them whether high ticket or not.

3. The Products That Sell The Best

Finding the right products can sometimes be a problem, but it shouldn’t be. Think of it like this.  To make money with affiliate marketing you need to:

1) Find a product to promote that is already selling!

2) In a high demand niche where people are already buying.

It really is as simple as that!

So let’s consider then the Clickbank Marketplace.

In the Clickbank marketplace you’ll see that all the products have a ‘gravity’ score. This gravity score is an “indication” as to how many affiliates have made sales of the product concerned. I have to add that it is only an “indication” and is not exact, however, it’s a good indication which you can use to help you make your product choice.

It’s therefore safe to say that the products with the higher gravity scores are selling better than similar products with lower scores.

So, for example, if you’re looking at two weight loss products to promote to women over 50, one has a gravity of 100 and the other has a gravity of 50, it’s probably better to go with the higher gravity product.

If you’re selling products via Amazon, look for products that have lots of reviews and a 4-star customer satisfaction rating or higher.

3 Simple Tips to Help You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

How Much Money Can You Make From Online Affiliate Marketing?

Obviously I can’t predict how much money you will make, if for no other reason than I don’t know you or your work ethic, but what I CAN tell you is this.

If you work hard and put consistent effort into your business, remembering that it’s a REAL business, then you can produce a life changing income. There are many affiliate marketers who quietly make tens of thousands of dollars per month and more, and I’m not talking about only a handful of affiliates either.

This online affiliate marketing world is a world and a business that rewards effort, dedication and commitment. The more time, effort and resources you put into your online affiliate marketing business, the better your chances of a significant amount of success will be.

How Do You Get Paid?

Most of the affiliate programs mentioned earlier in this blog post can pay you in a number of different ways. Mainly either direct into your bank Paypal, Payza or similar online payment processor account, or by check.

Obviously, dependent on the program you choose, you will be given the information on how to choose your preferred method of payment anyway.  Amazon will pay you straight to your bank account, or they will send you a check, or they will pay you via an Amazon Visa Card. They pay every month for the previous month’s sales.  So, it’s worth remembering with Amazon that after you sell something,  you’re then into a 60 day holding period before you get paid.

Clickbank will also pay you directly to your bank account (although you have to be approved for this by reaching a set number of sales) through a wire payment.  They will also send you a check if that’s what you prefer.

Clickbank also has a payment threshold, and you’re paid whenever that threshold is met. The threshold can be set by you, so you can set it low if you want frequent payments, or high if you like the idea of receiving big checks.

Your Own Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start your own online business. You don’t need to create a product, you don’t need to concern yourself with any costs associated with the need to have a payment processor or merchant account (which can be very costly), or product delivery. The product owner or vendor takes care of all of that.

So your only job as an affiliate marketer is to send prospective customers to an offer through your affiliate link, whilst also building your email list, but that’s another thing altogether, (you can read more about building your email list here).

So that’s it for this blog post on 3 Simple Tips to Help You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing, I hope you found it useful. If you feel that there are people you know that may benefit from the tips I have shared today then please feel free to share this blog post via the social media share options below.

All the best

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