A Simple Formula to Learn How to Write an Article

A Simple Formula to Learn How to Write an Article

How to write an article

Article marketing can be very powerful and extremely effective in generating traffic to your blog and producing sales as well, but article marketing can also take many different forms, such as, Blogging, submission to article sharing websites, email marketing and also writing reports.

These are all good examples of article marketing.

Just by Writing a few short articles every week you can produce a very solid foundation on which you can quite quickly begin to build yourself a very powerful, and potentially extremely profitable internet business.

There are many well-known internet marketers who started their online businesses in exactly that way. They simply started with article marketing, found a target market and an audience who trusted them, then continued on to create their own products and build their online internet marketing empires, and these are internet marketers who you would know, especially if you’ve been online for any length of time, and I believe if it can happen for them, it can happen for you too.

However, if you are not a writer by nature, just how do you write a useful and informative article, because after all that’s what your readers are looking for?

Well, if you read on you’ll find the answer here!

So, what’s the the formula that I use to write articles?

Well firstly, it’s very useful to remember why you’re writing your articles in the first place, you see this particular article writing formula helps you to help other people, and THAT’s what article writing and article marketing should be about, because when you approach article marketing in this way — with a desire to truly help others – you’ll be rewarded for your efforts without having to resort to any of the hype or high pressure sales tactics you can often see in the internet marketing world.

A Simple Formula to Learn How to Write an Article

How to write an article

So now, follow along with me as I reveal this simple step by step process to article writing. To start,  you are going to write a “how to article” as this is the best sort of article to write as it gives the reader generally three to five steps to follow in order to accomplish a given task, a bit like a recipe!

If you can teach your children to make a cup of tea, or a piece of toast, then you can do this with very little trouble. You just need some practice. You see, When you teach kids how to do things, the best way for them to learn it quickly and with as little confusion as possible, is to break the task down into tiny steps, (baby steps if you like), and then make sure each baby step is clear and easy to implement, and that is exactly what you will be doing here.

So you need to bear in mind something you can tell your reader to do with three to five simple steps. Don’t beat yourself up right now though if you can’t think of something now, just make sure you come when you have your article writing idea, and you really don’t need to worry because I will be writing another article soon when I will share with you a tactic you can use to generate endless article ideas.

So, lets begin!

Each article you write should have following structure. Let’s look at the structure first, and then I will talk for a short while about each bullet point!

A Simple Formula to Learn How to Write an Article

How to write an article

It’s also important to remember at this point, that this overview assumes a 5 point article.

•Step 1. (Paragraph 1) – Identify and define the problem.

•Step 2. (Paragraph 2) – Review the possible solutions to the above problem.

•Step 3. (Paragraph 3) – Propose your solution to the problem previously identified.

•Step 4. (Paragraphs 4–8) – The five step solution

•Step 5. (Paragraph 9) – Summarize your argument

•Step 6. (Paragraph 10) – Suggest an action step to be taken by your reader immediately!

So there you have it! Simple, clean and effective.  At this point it’s also worth remembering that when writing for the Internet you need to keep paragraph length relatively short and to the point.

Three to five sentences works best for me.

A Simple Formula to Learn How to Write an Article

Ok, next let’s look at a very brief example.

Let’s say you want to write an article about how drive traffic to a website using Social Media, and let’s also say that you are making a case for your reader to buy this traffic generating training course you’re promoting, exactly how do you go about doing that without employing some high pressure selling tactics?

Well, let me show you! But please take into account that the following brief explanation is NOT the completed article, these are just notes telling you in a summarized fashion how you could write an article around this particular subject.

Paragraph 1 – Identify and define the problem – Every internet business needs traffic to their website, however, there are so many methods to use that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused as to which method is best for your online business.

Paragraph 2 – Review the possible solutions – You could begin to experiment with say, pay per click on Facebook for example yourself, but this increases your risk of wasting time and money (precious commodities when you’re running your own business, especially in the beginning). Obviously you might find something that works, or you could lose your money.

Paragraph 3 – Propose your solution – A much better way, and importantly a proven method to success, is to model somebody who has “been there before you and succeeded.” Somebody you can trust and can help you.

Paragraphs 4 – 8 – The five steps. – Take these next steps in researching the solutions.

(1) Identify the online experts in the “getting traffic” niche.

(2) Can you afford to purchase and do what they teach?

(3) Will their product or service work for you and does it make sense for you to use it?

(4) Is their online reputation good?

(5) Will you follow their suggestions and take action?

Paragraph 9 – Time to summarize your argument – Once you find somebody online you can trust, who also has a proven traffic generating model, and importantly you can afford to use their product or service, and also you will take action there is absolutely no reason to think it will not work for you.

Paragraph 10 – Suggest an action step – Now start to make a list of the different ways to generate traffic and simply choose the one that interests you the most. You could also include the list within the article itself.

How to write an article

Your next Step.

Right now I have an action step for YOU! – Have a good think about the things you could teach people to do in three to five short steps. It may well be generating traffic to a website, or it could be making a short video, the point is it doesn’t really matter, the process is exactly the same, and it is the PROCESS which is the most important aspect.

If you learn this process and stick with it, you’ll find that you’re able to write articles quickly and efficiently using your own experiences or from your own observations and research. You’ll become an article writing machine!

So that’s it folks, this article writing formula has enabled me to write thousands of effective articles on many different internet marketing topics, it’s a formula that works if you apply it, but you MUST apply it.

Article marketing has helped me build a strong internet marketing business, has enabled me to live a life of total freedom, allowing me to do what I want, when I want, and I want that for you too!

So follow this advice and this Simple Formula to Learn How to Write an Article
to change YOUR life.

All the best

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How to write an article

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