How to Know The Difference Between Intention and Attention

How to Know The Difference Between Intention and Attention

How to Know The Difference Between Intention and Attention

Along your fantastic life journey, you’ll no doubt come up against many obstacles, and take many detours.  However, there are many tools which exist to help you get back on track and remain there and if you know the difference between Intention and Attention then these can be supremely powerful tools for you to utilize.

The power of Intention creates and the power of Attention maintains our focus on our creative Intentions.

Our intention informs the direction of our attention.  So make sure you use these tools wisely and in the correct way, because they can be your ticket to change.

Now, one of the tricks to using these two incredible transformational tools begins with noticing where you’re consistently placing your attention.  The energy we invest into our attention determines the conditions that we manifest into our lives, and transformational change requires our attention aligning with our intention.

When attention and intention align, a powerful life changing force of awareness is unleashed that keeps us mindful and in the “now” moment.  Mindful attention allows us to make moment-by-moment choices that support our intention to change.  Change and transformation occur when we think and act from our true nature, which has no habits, addictions, likes or dislikes, so when we express a quality, such as love, it is unencumbered without expecting anything in return.

How to Know The Difference Between Intention and Attention

How to Know The Difference Between Intention and Attention

Some of the things we look for along our life’s journey are “signs” that we are doing it right. If we’re devoting a serious amount of time and energy to our spiritual practices it’s only natural for us to want some sort of indicator that it’s working, fortunately for us once you are living with your attention on your intention you will notice all sorts of feedback from the universe.

A really good indicator to take note of, is our reaction to praise or criticism, we are neither inflated nor deflated, and don’t take personally whether it’s positive or negative.  We begin to notice that praise and blame just do not affect us as they once did in the past.

Another good indicator of progress is our ability to quickly forgive ourselves and others.

We actually begin to be grateful to those who may have wronged us in the past because they uncover those areas of stubbornness that we cling to when going through the process of transformational change, and it also allows us to create space for others to be themselves without the need to control them.

We get rid of all semblance of the notion that others have been created to make us happy because we understand that the only person responsible for our happiness is ourselves.

Affirmations can Help with Your Intentions:

Positive affirmations are a fantastic way to align your intention with your attention, the following is a great example of this: –

“I fully recognize and activate my power to set clear and potent intentions. My attention is inwardly focused and I am grateful for the intuitive guidance I receive in a language which my heart can understand. I am so happy and grateful now for the continuous trust I place in the universe leading me in my intention to change”

The above affirmation is one of many that I repeat a number of times, on a daily basis and it definitely serves to keep my attention fully focused on my intentions.

Hopefully the information contained in this post will go someway to helping you align your attention with your intentions, but remember don’t just read it “DO” it.

To Your Awesomeness

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How to Know The Difference Between Intention and Attention

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