Viral Marketing At Its Best

Viral Marketing At Its Best

You may have heard of this before, but for those who haven’t, it’s a Marketing method called “Viral Marketing” and it’s where you give away something for free that someone else can also give away for free.

If successful, your piece of information can spread just like a virus, enticing thousands to buy from you.

So what’s the secret?

Well, you need to give away something with a perceived value (that can be compared to another similar product on the market for at least $100), for free. It really has to be exceptional for people to pass it on to their friends.

Quality not quantity is the name of the game here.

The format doesn’t really matter either, it could be a free report, free video, free audio, free e-course but you need to make sure it’s at least perceived to be a quality product.

Viral Marketing At Its Best

You can start with a free report or develop a complete course.  Keep your competitors in mind and write your material for them.  If they can send one of your reports out to their database and put their affiliate links alongside it, their chances of making a sale are increased.

At the same time, if the reader likes your report and clicks on your links, then you have a new subscriber to your mailing list.

So work alongside your competitors and see them as partners rather than competitors. They have a better chance to earn money by promoting your products and receiving a share rather than their own product all the time.

Lift up your competitors and customise your material so that it adds value to what they’re already doing. By keeping in mind how you can promote them, your potential partners will be more open to partnering with you.

Make sure their product adds value to your customers and vice versa.  Trust me, you’ll make a lot more money working alongside partners in the same industry than you will alone.

Think of competitors as potential partners, find out how to add value to them, work on
your free material and watch your profits soar!

“Make every Day an AWESOME Day”

Jon L.

P.S. Check out How Viral Marketing is helping This Business Grow to Mammoth Proportions.


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