How to Create an Online Home Business in 6 Simple Steps

How to Create an Online Home Business in 6 Simple Steps

How to create an Online Home Business in 6 Simple Steps

Having an online business and being able to work from home is great, and it’s something that you can work on in your spare time to generate an extra income, or if you’re really focused and entrepreneurial, you can even replace your full time income and fire your boss.

However, all too often I’ve heard from people who have the desire to succeed with their online home business, but when it comes to sitting in front of the computer, they simply have no idea where to start.

So, I’m here to tell you today that regardless of your age, education, technical skills or qualifications, I know for sure that you already have the skills necessary to start your own online home business.

The very fact that you are now on my blog reading this blog post, tells me that you have the basic skills to get started.

So in this blog post today I will show you exactly how to create an online home business in 6 simple steps.

So read on…..

How to Create an Online Home Business in 6 Simple Steps

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1. Decide on Your Niche

The first step of starting an online home business is to decide the specific niche you want to enter into, this will enable you to choose the particular product or service to then market to this niche.

Ideally the niche you choose should be a niche in which you have some knowledge and interest in.

You can read more specific details on choosing your niche in this blog post here.

2. Choose your Product.

The next stage is to choose your product or service. This can be quite simple once you have established your niche.

However, please don’t make the same mistake that I did in the early days by thinking that you have to be an expert or that the product has to be your own. Just remember at this stage the following points:

  • It should be a product that people want or need (ideally both)
  • It should be in a market where people are already buying a similar product.
  • Competition at this stage is a good thing. (it shows demand)

3. Become an Affiliate and Find A Business That Has Already Created That Product.

Many businesses have what is known as affiliate programs. This is where you sell the product or service that a business has already produced, and when you make a sale, you earn a commission.

There are affiliate programs in just about every industry. There are physical products that get delivered to the customer’s door and there are digital products that the customer can download instantly to their computer.

Probably the largest provider of products on the internet is Amazon, and you can become an Amazon affiliate by signing up with their affiliate program.  It’s free and very easy to do.

Just visit and follow the links on their website.

So what makes an Affiliate Program so easy for starting an online home business. Well, consider this, as a business owner online or offline, there are certain things that you should provide for your customers which can be a drain on your resources.

Such as:

  • Customer service
  • Shipping.
  • A return and refund policy.
  • Payment systems

etc, etc.

Now, as an affiliate one of the advantages is that you don’t have to provide any of these services as the product vendor will do it.

So your job as an affiliate is simply to get potential buyers to the sales page.

However, as there are many affiliate programs out there, how do you know which one to choose. You can find out how to do that by reading this blog post I did earlier.

How to Create an Online Home Business in 6 Simple Steps

How to create an Online Home Business in 6 Simple Steps

4. Create Your Website

Now before you go all glassy eyed on me by thinking that you now have to learn complicated coding, think again!

Long gone are the days when you had to be a coding genius to design a website, but this is often the part that stops new entrepreneurs dead in the water.

So forget all about long complicated websites, YOU DO NOT NEED THEM!

In fact all you need to make money online is a simple 1 page website, that absolutely ANYBODY can set up. And you can find out how to do that by downloading my FREE Report “How to Make Money Online in 3 Simple Steps.”

Click Here to Download it Right Now!…It’s Free.

5. Send Targeted Traffic To Your Website

There used to be an old saying flying around the internet “Build it and They Will Come!”

However, many online home business owners have found out to their cost, that this couldn’t be further from the truth. You see even if you have the best website in the world selling the best products, if nobody knows that your business exists you simply haven’t got a business at all.

It would be like having a shop on the high street with no windows or doors, people would be going past everyday not even knowing it was there.

Therefore it’s important that you put a few strategies in place to drive prospective customers (we call it traffic in the internet marketing world) to your website.

There are many forms of traffic, some good and some downright bad, unfortunately this is part of your learning curve, as you will learn from experience which is which.

Of course, I can help you cut short the learning curve drastically by explaining in more detail in this blog post, how you can quickly learn to recognize the difference.

Briefly there are 2 forms of traffic, free and paid.  For speed and control you should always focus on paid strategies first, in my opinion, as free traffic can take a while to gain momentum, but when it starts it can generate a constant flow of traffic for years.

Anyways, read this blog post to find out more about traffic methods.

6. Build Yourself a List

This final piece of the jigsaw in your online home business, is a strategy that I wish I had implemented immediately when I first started online.  However once I did implement it my business took off into the stratosphere.

So I highly recommend this final part of the business building strategy, so let me explain.

When you start a home business online and people start to visit your website, it is highly unlikely that they will buy from you on their first visit. But if you have no way of keeping them on your website long enough to make a decision, then once they leave you have probably lost them as a prospective customer forever!

So you need to collect your visitors details, i.e Name and email address by giving them something of value for FREE. This is commonly called a “Lead Magnet

You use your “Lead Magnet” to encourage your visitors to leave their email address
so that you can market to them via email marketing.

Check out this earlier blog post for more details on email marketing and “Lead Magnets”

In fact if you go here and download my FREE Report “How to Make Money Online
in 3 Simple Steps”, you will see an example of how I am using a “Lead Magnet

How to create an Online Home Business in 6 Simple Steps

So that’s it folks, I hope the information above is of value to you, and gives you some idea on How to create an Online Home Business.

My advice is ALWAYS start as an affiliate by promoting other peoples products, as this is easily the most cost effective way to start your online business, if you do it right you can be earning whilst you are learning.

You may want to Check out this Free Online Home Business Blueprint that provides the step-by-step process for getting your own online home business started quickly and efficiently.

One last thing please comment and share if you feel this info is of value.

All the best

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2 Responses to How to Create an Online Home Business in 6 Simple Steps

  1. Jesse says:

    Retention and returning visitors are key! They are the bread and butter of a business. If you want something long lasting and credible, you focus on building a relationship. If you only focus on the quick and easy one time visitor, you will have limited success. Thanks for the post!

    • Jon.L says:


      You are so right. I’m sure that you have heard many times “The Money is is the List” but in actual fact I prefer to see it as “The Money is in The Relationship that you build with the people on your List”. It constantly amazes me to see that so many so-called Marketers fail to understand that a subscriber is a real person. Develop a relationship with that person and you are much more likely to sell your products/services and secure a loyal customer.

      Thanks for your comments.

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