How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement in 5 Simple Steps

How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement in 5 Simple Steps

Despite what some marketers are now saying, Facebook still remains one of the most profitable marketing platforms out there.

So if you are currently looking for a strategy (that actually works) to increase your Facebook Fan Page engagement, then you should probably take the time to read this blog post.

So read on…..

How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement in 5 Simple Steps

For the purposes of this blog post please permit me to assume that you already have a Facebook Fan Page, and you are posting content on a fairly regular basis.

I think that I could probably hazard a guess in that you are not seeing a lot of action as far as likes, comments and shares. So in this blog post today I can help you put a plan together which should result in more Facebook Fan Page engagement.

First of all you need to understand that it all starts with consistency. This for me means posting at least 5 times a day, every single day. However, that may not work for you, but I would advise an absolute minimum of 3 per day.

You should aim to create momentum as soon as possible by posting daily, as if you skip a day or two you will find that you lose the momentum that you’ve been building.

One of the main things that I do to increase Facebook Fan Page engagement is to plan my posts by auto-scheduling them, and one particular tool that I use which helps with this immeasurably is called Post Planner.

You should then concentrate on your Facebook content, which from my experience is the main stumbling block for many online entrepreneurs. So I have put together a short list below which explain How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement in 5 Simple Steps, this hopefully means that some of the guesswork will be taken out of your day when it comes to creating content for your Facebook Fan Page.

How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement in 5 Simple Steps

How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement in 5 Simple Steps

1. When You Post, Ask A Question.

But don’t just ask any old question. Ask a thought provoking question that your audience will feel that they can answer honestly, quickly and easily.

For example:

Q: If You could be ANYTHING you wanted to be, what would you choose to be?

Q: What would you give to a spouse or partner as a gift, if money was no object?

Q: If the whole world were listening, what would you say?

You can even upload an image with your question.

You see one of your goals with your Facebook Fan Page should be to get people talking, and there is no better way to do that than by asking a question.

2. Make Sure any Images You Post are Worth Sharing.

Take time now to think about your fans and what motivates them in their life and/or business. Then consider posting images that will inspire and motivate them.

For example:

My fans are typically people who are entrepreneurs, or looking to become entrepreneurs, by starting or growing an online business.

I understand that working from home, sometimes spending a considerable amount of time working alone, can make entrepreneurs feel isolated and as a result they may need a little motivation from time to time, because quite frankly being an entrepreneur is not as easy as you are sometimes led to believe. (it sure does beat the daily commute though)

So here is an example of  the type of image I would typically post with quotes embedded in the image to increase my Facebook Fan Page engagement:

How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement in 5 Simple Steps

These types of images if congruent with your audience’s aspirations and ideologies are exactly the type of posts that will get you more Facebook Fan Page engagement.

In the Facebook marketing world, (or any other social media if it comes to that) engagement is the key, especially if you are looking to increase your brand awareness.

The more comments, likes, and shares you get on one of your fan page posts, the more reach you have outside of your own immediate following.

So that you fully understand the power in the preceding sentence consider this:

Each time a fan likes, comments or shares your posts, their friends will see in their news feed the exact action your fan just took on your post and that is how a post goes viral.

3. Blogging

These days it is imperative for you to have a blog within your marketing arsenal.  And with the many blogging platforms out there, which in the main are very simple to use (if you can type then you can build a blog) there really is no excuse for NOT having one.

The best platform by far in my humble opinion is WordPress, but only if you use the self hosted version.

Check out WordPress here if you want to know more.

So, if you are a blogger then don’t forget to share your blog posts on your Facebook Fan Page. Its a really obvious and great way to engage with your audience and to position yourself as an authority within your niche.

And if you REALLY want to boost the engagement of your Facebook Fan Page posts try running a page post engagement Facebook ad regularly to get your updates in front of your audience quickly and more efficiently through the power of the Facebook paid advertising platform.

If you are interested to discover more about, getting more customers, making more sales, and Facebook paid advertising, be sure to check out my FREE eBook.

4. Post Videos

Try this technique with your videos. Instead of uploading your videos to a third party video hosting company such as YouTube, why not upload them directly to your Facebook Fan Page.

You see, when you do this a couple of things happen which you may not be aware of:

Number One, your video is now searchable via the search engines provided you have used keywords in your title and/or description.

Secondly, videos are a great way to connect with your fans on a more personal level.

Videos are a great way to allow your fans to hear your message, to get to know you better and to really resonate with you in a way that is far beyond just words in your status updates.

As a matter of interest if you are making videos, then consider doing “How To” videos, share your story, give daily tips, teach on personal development these seem to be the types of video’s that work best for Fan Page engagement certainly in my experience this seems to be the case, as it does with many of my students.

No matter who you’re audience is your goal should be to engage your audience and increase their user experience.

What better way to do that than by inspiring, motivating, and helping them move towards what they want most in life and business.

How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement in 5 Simple Steps

How to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement in 5 Simple Steps

5. Leverage Other Peoples Content.

Another great idea when it comes to content is to leverage the work of others by sharing their content on your Facebook Fan Page.

Now obviously you probably don’t want to share your competition’s work, but you can certainly share content from people who contribute to your marketing niche but are not your direct competition.

For example:

I often share articles from, Post Planner,

Often these articles will be about being an entrepreneur and building a small business. Sure I am driving traffic to another website other than my own, but I am also providing value within my niche by sharing links to content that provides more value to my target audience.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier in this blog post, I love using Post Planner to schedule my status updates on Facebook.

But Post Planner also has many other great features such as:

  • Viral Photos
  • Top Content
  • Status Ideas
  • Post to Twitter
  • Post to Facebook
  • Advanced Insights
  • Share Bar to Collect Leads on the Content You Share
  • Bulk Uploads
  • Custom Domain
  • Post Targeting

And sooooo much more…..

The bottom line is this, I love post planner! It makes my Facebook Fan Page management an absolute walk in the park.

So check out Post Planner today and start your journey to increase your Facebook Fan Page engagement & if you get value from this post be sure to comment below & feel free to share aswell.

Love ya

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