How to Boost Your Credibility And Skyrocket Your Traffic With Articles

How to Boost Your Credibility And Skyrocket Your Traffic With Articles

How to Boost Your Credibility And Skyrocket Your Traffic With Articles

Websites are made for people who read, scan and want to know more about a particular topic or subject. Articles written for websites serve this particular purpose.  But, believe it or not, people who search the internet for relevant articles, do so NOT by actually reading each and every article, but by skimming and scanning.

It’s long been established that only about sixteen percent of users tested, who regularly surf the Internet for information, actually read every word of an article.  A whopping seventy nine percent just scan.  All they do is choose among the many words in front of them and pick out the relevant words, phrases or sentences.

But, there’s an exception!

You see, in the same test, it was also discovered that the articles that enjoyed a one hundred percent usability rating were articles that were concisely written, well-researched and objectively presented.

For those articles that are average in content and form, this is where text scanning is definitely usable. Articles such as these are easier to scan via keywords that are highlighted or in a different colour or typeface. So, what would it take for an article to be easily readable and at the same time be considered important?

The following tips are basic tips to apply to a written article to make it appear clear and comprehensible.

So lets get reading…..

How to Boost Your Credibility And Skyrocket Your Traffic With Articles

How to Boost Your Credibility And Skyrocket Your Traffic With Articles

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Apply sub-headings

Make sure to use sub-headings that are meaningful.  Take note that these sub-headings need to be more contextual than cute or clever.  Though making it cute is nice, a sub-heading that’s more applicable and apt for the article’s topic is a much more superior and enjoyable read, than one which is striving only for cuteness.

Use bullet points

Bullets points that are made out into a list are an easier read than a lengthy list of paragraphs.  It makes the article readable as it’s straight to the point.  Bullets should be short and snappy and must deliver the real deal, not winding statements that really don’t go anywhere.

A paragraph per idea

Users of the Internet are traditionally hard to please.  They want a good read, a good article, and they want it fast.  So a paragraph that contains more than one tip or suggestion will more than likely cause the reader to intentionally skip the paragraph completely, especially if they find the first few words phrases or sentences not worthy of their attention.

Being credible is incredible

Credibility is the key ingredient for making an article stand out amongst the hundreds and thousands across the internet, AND since the internet is a free for all medium, the source of information for a specific article maybe unclear at times making it appear somewhat untrustworthy.

How to Boost Your Credibility And Skyrocket Your Traffic With Articles

How to Boost Your Credibility And Skyrocket Your Traffic With Articles

However, there are ways to increase the credibility of a given article.

One of the many ways is through graphics that are of good quality.  Another way is through the creation of outbound links in hypertext.  Through this method, a user is able to connect to a link of another similarly related article thereby giving readers the impression that the article’s author did their homework and is not afraid to show readers similarly themed sites, like this one!

Boast it not

If you’ve been using the internet for any length of time, it’s quite obvious that there are many written claims that promote and exaggerate, however, such articles do very little to help the user’s perception, as this detail sometimes comes across as nothing but boastful bragging and embellishment.

The best way to do it

According to a test conducted in measuring the usability of articles submitted to websites, it’s been discovered that articles which are written in a succinct manner, had features and keywords that are easily read, as well as a style that’s objective, enjoyed a huge ninety-eight percent user rating compared to articles that were promotional in style (those who exaggerate). Read more about writing the perfect article by clicking here<==

In summary, the more credibly valid an article is the greater and higher the probability that readers will be more attracted to it, as well as the website that carries it.

So hone those writing skills baby!

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