5 Very Simple Tips to Help You Make Money With PPC Marketing

5 Very Simple Tips to Help You Make Money With PPC Marketing

5 Very Simple Tips to Help You Make Money With PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) can be one of the most cost effective, fastest and easiest methods to drive targeted visitors (traffic) to any website or blog of your choosing.

However, as with most things you really shouldn’t start any PPC marketing campaigns without learning the basics first. If you fail to implement PPC in the the right way, you will probably lose a lot of money with very little to show for it.

But with the right training and advice you can soon learn how to implement a successful PPC marketing campaign. So therefore read on as I reveal to you in this blog post how to first avoid making some simple errors with PPC that could seriously damage your business and your bank balance.

So here are the 5 Very Simple Tips to Help You Make Money With PPC Marketing

Tip No 1: Bidding on the Wrong Keywords.

Most internet marketers are completely unaware of the importance of choosing the right keywords both in your campaigns and in each individual ad. They tend to therefore use generic (or short tail) keywords, which may be getting lots of searches, but are highly competitive also. This of course also makes them very costly per click which means you need to start with a fairly substantial budget.

That’s not to say that you can’t achieve results with short tail keywords, however if you are new to PPC this can be a very expensive way to learn. So basically the first tip is to avoid generic keywords and instead focus on long tail keywords which don’t get the same amount of searches (so CPC is less) or clicks, but are much more targeted.

Tip No 2: Creating Non-Congruent Ad Copy and Landing Pages.

Many PPC marketers simply do not understand that you must have congruency throughout your marketing. What does this mean? well, there must be congruency right through from the search term – to your ad – to your landing page. Let me explain.

If you are placing an ad based on the search term (so in other words people have entered this into a search engine) “Lose Weight in 10 Days” for the best results, your ad headline should say “Lose Weight in 10 Days” the search term “Lose Weight in 10 Days” should also appear in the ad body. Then, the landing page which your ad is directing people to should also contain the search term “Lose Weight in 10 Days” in the headline. That way your visitor knows instantly that they are in the right place and are less likely to click away. (don’t forget with PPC you pay for EVERY click on your ad)

Now, all this works of course assuming that your landing/sales page is actually selling a product which does show people how to lose weight in 10 days. But that’s another story! (You can read more about this by clicking here)

So what does it mean to you as a marketer to NOT have congruence with your PPC campaigns? Well, a couple of consequences of non-congruence are (and there are many by the way, but I am listing only two here) either your ad is simply not noticed or you attract untargeted and unqualified visitors to your landing page and thereby lose money due
to non converting clicks.

5 Very Simple Tips to Help You Make Money With PPC Marketing

5 Very Simple Tips to Help You Make Money With PPC Marketing

Tip No 3: Targeting To the Wrong Market

What makes PPC marketing a source of highly targeted traffic is that it allows you to have full control over where your ads appear. This enables you to reach the right market and audience at the right time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you choose.

By properly setting your campaign, you can easily reach your target market sometimes within minutes of setting up your ad. (Read this blog post here to learn more about targeting and setting up your PPC campaigns)

Tip No 4: Testing and Tracking.

If you are not testing and tracking each ad in your PPC marketing campaigns you may as-well be throwing your money down the drain. You MUST test and track constantly to find out what is working and just as importantly WHAT IS NOT!

So what testing and tracking do you need to do. I’s really quite simple you must at least be testing and tracking the following key areas in your campaigns:

  • Individual ad performance
  • Ad Click Through Rate
  • Keyword click through rate
  • Landing page conversion
  • Quality scores

As a matter of interest, as an internet marketer you should also have a method of tracking Sales. (You can read more about that here)

You see, by testing and tracking and constantly tweaking your marketing materials you will be able to focus your activities on constant improvement which will obviously help you get the most from your campaigns.

Tip No 5: Not Maintaining a Good Quality Score.

Quality score is one of the most important metrics to measure within your PPC accounts, whether your account is with Google, Bing or any other. The way to look at it is this, just like search engine optimization is carried out to boost the page rank of your website in the organic search results, maintaining a good quality score is vital in boosting your keywords and ads performance, and therefore position, in the sponsored results.

So, it is imperative that you ensure your quality score is maintained at a high level if you want to have a successful PPC marketing campaign and a low cost per click.

5 Very Simple Tips to Help You Make Money With PPC Marketing

5 Very Simple Tips to Help You Make Money With PPC Marketing

So  that’s it folks , but to summarize:

In my opinion, PPC marketing is the quickest and most effective way to drive highly targeted traffic to your website or blog, but you have to know how to do it right, and you can start by following the 5 very simple tips to help you make money with PPC marketing above.

All the best

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5 Very Simple Tips to Help You Make Money With PPC Marketing


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