4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Learning how to generate traffic to your website and online business is without doubt THE biggest factor in determining whether your business will be a success or a failure.  Yet it is probably the one skill that many marketers fail to understand, and the whole concept is really quite simple: traffic = sales.

You see, you may have the greatest idea since electricity, and the most up to date website imaginable, but if you have no means of telling people about it and showcasing your products on the internet, then your business is dead before it has started.

MANY newcomers to the world of internet marketing simply don’t know how to generate traffic to their websites.

However, as a result of extensive trial and error over the last 6 years of making many mistakes with my online businesses, I have discovered four simple AND FREE methods that ANYBODY can use to generate traffic. Whether you’re looking to sell affiliate products, your own products, a home business opportunity or just about anything else you want to market online.

But the best bit is; these four methods are totally FREE……

So let’s get started shall we?

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Free Method No 1 – Start Your Own Blog.

Blogging is not only a great way to generate traffic, but also a superb way for you to brand yourself quickly as an expert, however you’ll need to post fairly regularly (at least every other day) and ensure the content is good and relevant to your target market.

You can blog using FREE blogging platforms such as Blogger.com, WordPress.com and others, and these can provide a great way to begin, however for long term sustainability I highly recommend that you host your own blog on your own domain name as this gives you total control.

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Choosing a hosting company can be quite tedious, but there are many out there who will provide this service for you, I use Go-daddy.  But I suggest you do your due diligence and make your own choice based on your budget and personal preferences.  To find a hosting company, simply Google “Website Hosting Services”.

What about Domain Names?

Choosing the best domain name for your blog, really depends on the internet marketing niche you’re in.  You see, the best domain name you could have SHOULD include the keywords your blog is optimised for, especially if you’re in a specialised niche.

An example of a keyword optimised domain name for a blog optimised for the keyword phrase “making Money Online”, would be www.makingmoneyonline.com or  www.making-money-online.com or any other derivative of “making money online”

If you’re looking to start a blog as a means of branding yourself, then you should choose a domain name that’s your name, such as www.whoisjoeblogs.com or meetjoeblogs.com.  As you can see I’ve chosen the domain name whoisjonleuty.com for my personal blog here.

What Do You Blog About?

I hear this question all the time, and the answer is quite simple.  You can blog about ANYTHING that will interest your target market, and in fact, dependent on your niche you can actually blog about ANYTHING that will generate traffic to your blog. You have all the necessary tools available to you FREE that will enable you to discover what people are talking about or looking for.

A great FREE tool for finding out what the latest hot topics on the internet are is Alexa.com, or you could go to wordtracker.com/keyword-questions to find out some of the most commonly asked questions about keywords, then blog about the answers or solutions.

Of course, one of the most common methods that many bloggers use to find out what topics to blog about is to go to the relevant forums.  To do this we can again turn to good ol’ Google and search for your target market forum. For example in my niche of “Internet Marketing” I would simply type into Google “Internet Marketing Forums”.

Now, can you see how EASY this REALLY is?

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Free Method No 2 – Article Marketing.

Basically what article marketing involves is, writing 400-600 word articles about your chosen niche and submitting them to FREE article submission directories.  This is much easier than you think so you needn’t be put off by the thought.

However, this is not the quickest way to generate traffic to your website, but it’s certainly a sustainable business building method that will continue to attract visitors and generate sales for years to come, as long as you know what you’re doing!  Therefore in order to make sure that your article writing efforts are not in vain, there are a couple of important points you should take into consideration:

a). Make sure your articles are original.

Many article submission websites WILL NOT accept articles that have been published elsewhere or are simply purchased PLR articles written by somebody else and probably bought by thousands of other internet marketers.

b). DO NOT plagiarise.

Google will penalise you for duplicate content anyway, and let’s face it, you should be trying to establish your own brand as an expert in your own particular niche, so write your own articles and become the “go to” expert in your niche.

Note: If you struggle to come up with article material follow this easy method below:

1). Go to ezinearticles.com or another article submission website.

2). Search for a good relevant article in your chosen internet marketing niche.

3). Copy it and paste it into notepad or equivalent on your home PC.

4). Use as a “creative template” That is, make it unique by changing some of the words. (the best way is to break it up into single sentences then do one sentence at a time)

5). Re-publish to article submission sites.

If you follow the simple process above you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to come up with good unique articles for your target market.  However, I must stress that plagiarism is NOT the done thing, so make sure your reworded article has been sufficiently changed to ensure it’s regarded and classified by Google and the other search engines as unique to YOU, ALL I’m suggesting here, is purely a simple method to find a good starting point for your articles.

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Free Method No 3 – Search Engine Optimization.

By optimising your website, blog, blog posts and pages, PLUS your articles with the keywords and phrases relevant to your target market and niche, you will help the search engines to find, categorize and define your site, making sure that the visitors that do arrive are seeing the results of the queries that they entered.

So it goes without saying that as people search for those keywords and phrases, you want your website or blog to be the one that’s listed in answer to that search.

However, it’s VERY easy to overdo it with your keywords by stuffing your content with them, and all that you’ll end up doing is hurting your search engine rankings, and maybe even find some of your articles de-indexed by Google.  Or in the worst case scenario having your website or blog removed from the search results altogether!

So the trick with keywords is to be natural and remember that the quality of your content is probably more important than any keyword anyway, because any visitor landing on your site as the result of a search on Google or equivalent who simply finds a load of keyword nonsense, is unlikely to hang around or EVER visit again.

Just remember that “CONTENT WILL ALWAYS BE KING”.

Free Method No 4 – Posting Videos on YouTube.

With the advent of video and the increasing ease of recording and uploading via mobile technology, YouTube is a massive source of traffic which you should be using RIGHT NOW!

When you think that you can attract visitors to your website simply by posting FREE videos, then surely you can see the MASSIVE advantage that can be gained by any internet marketer making use of this free traffic source.  Again though, the key is to provide quality content in your videos that are relevant to your niche.

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

The best sort of videos to post in the internet marketing space are generally “how to” videos in a tutorial style, or a product or business review. If you produce quality videos, and again upload on a regular basis, you’ll soon gain a reputation as a person of knowledge within your niche, which will result in more quality targeted traffic to your website or blog.

You don’t even need to worry about appearing in your videos if you don’t want to, as you can record a simple screen capture video showing your viewer how to do a specific internet marketing or niche related task.

Contrary to what most people think, it can be quite simple to generate traffic to your website or blog, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either, but it does take time using the free methods above.  There are many other methods, both paid and FREE to generate traffic but ALL take time and persistence.

To find out more about paid advertising methods CLICK HERE and read this blog post!

What I do know is this, all of the above methods can provide you with long-term sustainable marketing results that will continue to build your business for many years to come.

“Do it”

“You’re awesome”

“Let’s DO this”

“Make every Day an AWESOME Day”


PS. For More FREE Marketing Methods and to Learn How to REALLY Make Serious Money Online Click the Image Below:

4 Free and Simple Methods to Generate Traffic to Your Website

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