How To Choose Your Beliefs

How To Choose Your Beliefs

How To Choose Your Beliefs

In practically every area of your life, YOU are the problem AND the solution.

Now, it may not always seem that way, but you encounter your resistance from the inside, not – as is commonly believed – from the outside.  When your subconscious mind accepts new beliefs whole new realities are suddenly made available to you.

As an example, lets say you hold a limiting belief that says “ I find it hard to make new friends”, this limiting belief is actually excusing you from making friends, you believe it’s not your fault – you just find it hard.  Therefore it’s only logical and completely understandable that you don’t make friends as your belief deludes you into believing that your lack of friends has nothing to do with you.

However, if you can change your belief to “ I find it easy to make friends “, your diary won’t suddenly fill up with new contact details or your telephone won’t suddenly start ringing with new appointments, but you WILL have shifted your focus.

Suddenly the problem is no longer out there, the problem is now with you.  In other words you’ve now accepted responsibility for your reality and once you’ve done that, you can begin to examine what you need to change within yourself, and sometimes, just that one simple change of attitude is all you need to open up numerous possibilities.

How To Choose Your Beliefs

How To Choose Your Beliefs

Now as you continue with your new belief, that it’s easy to make friends, you’ll suddenly find new evidence to support this, which in turn strengthens your belief even more and you’ll make whatever changes are necessary to take full advantage of your newly emerging reality.

Challenge yourself to create new and even more supportive beliefs, even if in the beginning you may not actually believe them on the surface.  Constantly remind yourself that you can voluntarily, at will, plant in your subconscious mind any thought, idea or belief you desire, and your mind will accept it provided it’s introduced with feeling and reinforced with constant repetition.

You see, the mind is a creature of habit, so if you’ve allowed limiting beliefs and concepts to take root, you can crowd them out by creating new and more supportive beliefs, and by practicing daily until all traces of the old thoughts and beliefs have been completely replaced by the new ones.

So do a mental spring-clean, its time to throw away the old limiting, self-defeating beliefs, however much they may be cherished, and replace them.

How To Choose Your Beliefs

How To Choose Your Beliefs

The following list may be helpful to you, to identify some of your limiting beliefs:-

· I can’t do it.
· It won’t last.
· Life is hard.
· I don’t have time.
· I can’t afford it.
· I’m too young.
· I’m too old.
· Nothing is easy.
· It will never work for me.
· I never have any good luck
· There are no opportunities left.
· It’s not my fault.

If any of these sound familiar to you, you must begin immediately to steadfastly imprint new, more positively supportive beliefs.  Allowing ourselves to succeed means being willing to give up the excuses which hold us back and the security and other benefits we have derived from failure.

Millions of people are content to stay as they are and will make no attempt to change, despite being unsatisfied with their present situation.  They believe that success is destined for somebody else and that it will never happen for them.  They fail to understand that you don’t wait for life to happen to you, you MAKE life happen to you by what you’re thinking, and when you’re aware of what you’re thinking you can control your own destiny.

So what about you, are you prepared to shake off your old limitations, are you prepared to ditch your old excuses, assume responsibility for your life and begin to understand how to choose your beliefs?

To Your Success.

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How To Choose Your Beliefs

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