The Top Excuses For Not Starting A Business

The Top Excuses For Not Starting A Business

The big difference between winners and losers is excuses.

Losers LOVE excuses!

Winners HATE them!

It’s actually one of the ways to determine if you should be an entrepreneur or not.  Do you like making lots of excuses?  Then you probably should keep your day job (if you don’t get laid off, of course).

Excuses really ARE like noses:

Everyone has one! 🙂

And this is especially true for “wannabe” entrepreneurs, who want to be in charge of their own income, want to build a business and want to be one of the top producers in society… but who just can’t seem to get started.

Here are some top wannabe excuses for putting it off:

* No time

* No money

* No education

* Not sure if it will succeed

* Will get to it “later”

* Spouse won’t let them

Pretty sad, really.

NONE are valid for putting off starting a business (which makes these excuses obsolete), and yet, people cling to them like Velcro.

The Top Excuses For Not Starting A Business

The point?

If you’re someone who does NOT lean on excuses, then chances are you’d make an excellent (and wealthy) entrepreneur.

But if you’re a wannabe, then you probably WON’T!

It really is that simple.

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All the best

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