7 Ways To Profit During Financial Hurricanes

7 Ways To Profit During Financial Hurricanes

I have a few friends in the USA living on the east coast, and whilst they admit that this does have its advantages for business, the weather isn’t ALWAYS pretty!

Especially down south during hurricane season.  It seems to me, that no matter where you live down there, if you’re on the coast you always have that nagging feeling that it’s just a matter of time before you get whacked by a destructive hurricane.

Anyway, here’s why I bring this up:

Just like weather hurricanes… there are FINANCIAL hurricanes, too — which can happen ANY time and (if history is any indication) unleash miseries galore on the unprepared.

Here are some tips a friend of mine living in Florida, once sent me to help me to prepare for the eventuality!

And, if  YOU’RE really sharp, you’ll read these tips, learn and PROFIT from them!

So read on…..

7 Ways To Profit During Financial Hurricanes

1.  Multiple Income Streams

Having just one income stream is DANGEROUS right now.

If that’s you, then you could do worse than building a second (and third) one as fast as humanly possible.

==>Have a look at this video to find out how!<==

2.  Think Negatively

I’m talking about this wise old adage:

“Hope for the best, expect the worst.”

That may make some of the more “militant” positive thinking gurus weep and gnash their teeth.  But it’s a great way to prepare thyself for life’s curve balls.

3.  Stay Awake

Opportunities ABOUND right now. If you’re awake (and sober),  you’ll see them.

4.  Don’t Lean On Politicians

Pinning your fate to a politician (or party) is a bad idea. It’s why so many people are broke. 🙁

5.  Know Your History

Many smart folks got rich in the last depression.  Find out what they did, and then rinse, lather and repeat.

(Hint: They started a business!)

6.  Sharpen Your Skills

Negotiation “guru” Jim Camp said it best: “The more effective we are, the more respected we are.”  Good deals often chase people who excel at what they do, (not the other way round.)

7.  Learn To Sell

Selling is the world’s HIGHEST paid profession. Those who are good at it are ALWAYS in demand.

However, let’s face it, selling isn’t for everyone.  So the next best thing is to find someone who’s good at it and partner with them!  (Watch The FREE Webinar Below and You’ll Meet Someone Who’s Perfect For Doing Exactly That)

All the best

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