How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Being an affiliate marketer is just like being a commission only sales person, in other words you only make money when you sell something.

However, the problem for most newbies is choosing something to sell which will generate a substantial commission from the get-go, because there are many different products and services out there that you can promote, and they can range massively with the commission they pay you.

From low priced products where you will probably earn around $10 to $15 commission per sale to what we call the high ticket products where you can earn in excess of $1000 commission per sale.

You see, When you have high ticket affiliate products to promote it produces a much faster result and allows you to invest more money back into your business to produce greater and much more deliberate results, which in turn can be measured easier.

This is quite simply the quickest and most cost effective way to boost your business and online income. However, although the process is really simple to master (once you know what you are doing), there are still a number of things that you need to bear in mind.

So follow on as I reveal to you some simple steps that anybody can use in order to learn how to master high ticket affiliate programs.

How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Understand Why People Actually Want The Product or Service You are Promoting.

People buy high ticket (priced) products and services usually because they are better quality and therefore provide massive value when compared to a similar lower priced product.

A good example of this is air travel.

Just imagine if a first class airline ticket did not offer a better experience than the regular economy ticket, then surely people would not bother to travel first class.

Now, obviously the target market of people who buy high priced products and services is naturally smaller, but the main advantage to this is that they usually have more disposable income and are willing to pay a lot more for the better experience.

This is the same for high ticket affiliate programs.

How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Finding The Right Product to Promote.

The process of finding a high ticket affiliate program is really quite simple and can start easily with you thinking about a product or a service that has had an effect on your life. Maybe you have lost weight by using a diet product, or perhaps you given up smoking or even set up a profitable business.

These life changing products or services quite often have an an affiliate program which you can join free, and because they provide a solution to a particular problem and therefore have an impact on peoples lives, there is probably a large market of people willing to pay for it.

There are Always People Looking For Solutions

Remember that there are people who are always looking for solutions to problems and ways to make their lives easier and more comfortable. In most markets there are high ticket products which people are willing to pay for to enable them to achieve their objectives quicker and more effectively.

Lower cost products may do part of the job but quite often do not always provide the solutions that a person may need to reach their objective in the manner and the timescale they are looking for.

You Must Believe In the Product You Are Selling.

Some people look at the affiliate marketing business model as a way to make a quick buck online as quickly as possible, whether that means providing a good product or not!

My opinion is this, if you want to sell high ticket products morally, you have to be passionate about the product and service you are selling and believe that it does in fact provide value for money and more importantly, does solve the problem your customers are suffering with .

How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Analyze The Figures.

If your affiliate marketing revenue model is based upon selling only low cost products, it is obvious that it will take you longer to produce a good income stream. Low cost products may be easier to sell, but you have to sell more of them to build a reasonable online business income.

For example, let’s assume you want to make $10,000 per month and you were selling a product that paid you $50 commission per sale, you would need to sell 200 products per month to achieve this. But, if you have a high ticket affiliate product or service that pays you $1000 commission per sale, you would then only have to sell 10 to reach your target. But the truly great thing about this is the efforts you need to sell 10 or 200 are exactly the same.

Use A Proven System and Marketing Funnel.

It is very unlikely that a customer will buy a high ticket product (or any product in actual fact) from you the first time they visit your website or sales page, so you need to have a system in place that follows up with your prospects in order for you to begin building a relationship with them, and a good affiliate marketing system will have a proven
marketing funnel in place for you to utilize.

This follow up process starts the moment a prospect clicks on your link and arrives at your website. The relationship then starts by you offering something of value to them for free (like a free report or ebook) in exchange for their email address. Over time, with your automated follow-up system working round the clock continuing to provide value to
your email subscribers, they come to trust you, and therefore buy from you regularly.

At this point you are moving your subscribers through your marketing funnel by providing low, medium and high ticket products and services to them on a regular basis.

Learn More About How to Master High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Products that transform peoples lives are generally looked on as being more expensive than everyday run-of-the-mill products that don’t achieve results. But there is always a market of people who are prepared to invest so that they can achieve their objectives faster, easier and more efficiently.

To learn more about how you can start benefitting from this by selling high ticket affiliate products that require no technical skills, previous experience or personal selling click on the button below to gain access to a FREE video

All the best

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